The Datery Diaries EP3 SE1 - We're closing our kitchen 😥

The Datery Diaries EP3 SE1 - We're closing our kitchen 😥

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When we first launched our diary/memoirs, we promised ourselves that we would be as transparent as possible when it comes to sharing our journey of building The Datery.

 This time, it's a little emotional...

May through August is often the time chocolatiers take some time off - and rightly so, it’s a tough job and the Summer heat is no friend of ours - but we have been doing some thinking and as a team, we have made the decision to close our kitchen 😓

2020 was a rough year for us but we boot strapped and really went after 2021 with new ideas, a rebrand and more staff. This resulted in us working our socks off in Q1 & Q2!  

With a growing list of orders and storing tonnes, literally, tonnes of dates is a challenge in itself and that doesn’t include the machinery, packaging and ingredients (oh and of course the lovely humans who work for us!)

So we have decided to say goodbye to our kitchen in Harrow on the Hill...



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Yep, we have officially agreed terms on a new premises and have already begun the transition to our shiny new HQ! YAY FOR US! 🤩


To celebrate passing this key milestone, we are giving you 20% off our entire store! Simply use the below code at checkout (under "order summary") and a 20% discount will be applied to your order. Please note this code will be live for the next 7 days.


 It’s a small “thank you” from us for your continued support as each purchase made on our website goes towards building our dream business. BTW we are also making some last minute changes to TWO new products which we can’t wait to launch! 

Keep an eye out for next weeks email and save the date!

With love,

Aisha xx

Co Founder & Head Chocolatier 
(P.S pardon the dramatic email 🤣)

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