The Datery Diaries: EP1 SE1 - THE LAUNCH!

"So, what's it like to run a chocolate business?"

It's the most common question we get asked. Probably right after "OMG, are those really dates?!" 😅

Well, we decided to turn the answer to that question into a newsletter blog! The Datery Diaries is a personal and honest view into what it's really like running a mini chocolate factory. Memoirs will be written by various members of our team (founders, chocolatiers, social media teams etc) and we figured, instead of sending you boring marketing emails, we'll send you a blog of what we've been up to instead! 😎

 Keeping in touch with you is so important to us. By purchasing any of our yummy chocolates or subscribing to our newsletter, you've become a part of our journey. The journey of building our dream business! 

So, we wanted to start Episode 1 with a massive THANK YOU! 

2020 was definitely a year to remember. We probably experienced every setback you can imagine a small business going through. But we were determined to not only make it through 2020 but prepare for 2021 - and we really went for it! 

This year, we've managed to launch two NEW flavours to our Datery Chocolate Bars (BTW below is our Gold Chocolate Bar 🤤), a NEW Hamper, a NEW Datery Experience giftbox, NEW Hot Chocolates and New packaging! 🤗 We also managed to pass our growth targets for Q1.

All of this took LOTs of effort! We've invested in more machinery, tools and people - there's alot of work that goes on behind the scenes before any chocolates are made lol - but we really invested ourselves and we're so glad that its paying off

And that's the message for this memoir. 

Invest in yourself. It's easily the best investment you can ever make. 

Way better than any cryptocurrency! 🤣

Now it's back to the kitchen for us. We're working on 3 new products that are going to BLOW YOUR MIND - If you love our date products, you'll LOVE our next launch (hint: think light flavours with soft chew)

We're also working on a subscription box too! 🤩

As always, thank you for the continued support. This is sent from my personal email so if you have any questions, just hit reply and let's chat!

With love,

Aisha & The Datery Team

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