Events / Corporate Orders

Are you planning an event and looking for something delicious and unique for your guests? Then look no further! At The Datery, we know how stressful event planning can be, so that's why having us cater for your big day is as easy as ever!

Whether its an engagement, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, corporate event etc, we cater for all occasions

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(Newest) Mini Pavlova x Chocolate dates

We've teamed up with the super talented ladies at Meringue Girls to create a limited edition tray of Mini Pavlovas & Chocolate dates! It comes as a set tray of 104 Mini Pavlovas and 84 dark chocolate rainbow dates which are filled with lovely nut butter (yum!)

Date Favours

The smallest (and cutest!) of our gift box collection, our date favours are a small gift box with two chocolate dates of your choice. Each favour box is like a hand made gift made especially for your guests! Sizes come in 2 or 4 dates each box

Datery Cart

Our Datery Cart is a lovely vintage candy cart covered in our signature summer floral design and our chocolate dates in the flavours of your choice! We can even design the cart to match the theme of your special day!

Datery Tray

Form our signature collection, our Datery tray is a mixed collection of approximately 85 chocolate dates displayed in a lovely eye catching pattern served on a hand studded Persian steel plate!

Date Cone

Our Date Cone is an eye capturing self standing cone covered in our chocolate dates! It has approximately 75 dates and comes in flavours of your choice! Wow your guests with something never seen before!